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Protect Your Most Valuable Inventment

Having adequate homeowner’s insurance means your home and contents will be protected in case of certain losses like fire or theft. And it also means your hard-earned savings will be protected in case of a liability suit if someone becomes injured on your property.

Not all homeowner’s policies are the same, and there are important coverage limitations you should know about. At Humble & Davenport, we can make sure you have the right homeowner’s insurance for your needs so you can feel confident your home, your possessions and your savings are protected. We work with major insurance companies from around the country so we can locate the best products – and the best rates – for you.

At Humble & Davenport, we’ve been serving the residents of Renton and all throughout King County, and we can help you, too. Give us a call today at 425-226-8221.

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Already have a policy for your home?

When was the last time you had it reviewed? Your needs can change dramatically over time, in response to upgrades in your home, changes in your financial picture or changes in replacement or repair costs. If you haven’t had your policy reviewed and updated for some time, you’re probably long overdue.

Our agents can review your current policy and make recommendations I needed that could result in better coverage, lower premium costs or both. And, we can make recommendations for additional coverage for earthquake and flood or special coverage riders for valuable collections like antiques or artwork that aren’t covered under standard homeowner’s policies.

What if homeowner’s insurance doesn’t meet your needs?

That’s not a problem. No matter what type of home you have, we can help. In addition to homeowner’s policies, we also offer:

  • Condo insurance
  • Renter’s insurance
  • Farm insurance

And to give you even more peace of mind, we can provide you with an umbrella policy to protect you if a liability suit results in a major financial settlement that exceeds the coverage limits of your residential policy.